Project Pragati is an initiative by 16 year old Ananya Malde, incubated by the 1M1B Future Leaders Program. It strives to reduce menstruation related school absenteeism and dropouts among adolescent girls in rural areas, by spreading awareness about menstruation, and providing funding and access to basic menstrual hygiene facilities. Donate to our cause.

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On 14 December 2022, Project Pragati was invited to speak at the 1M1B Activate Impact Summit at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

Ananya was thus able to advocate for her cause at a global platform and showcase her work on advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals! Watch her full speech here.

While in New York, Ananya also won the prestigious 'New York's Favourite' award.

Awareness & Advocacy

Educating young people on menstruation and the importance of menstrual hygiene management. De-stigmatising menstruation, ridding it of the taboos surrounding it.

Funding & Support

Providing underprivileged individuals with the means to access to safe and hygienic menstrual products.

Through the fundraiser, we plan on supporting the menstrual hygiene needs of rural adolescent girls in various districts of Gujarat. This includes everything from sanitary napkins to installation of incinerators in schools. A contibution of a mere Rs 750 (USD 10) is enough to support the sanitary needs of a girl for one whole year.  Learn More

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